Derivatives Collateral Services

BNY Mellon has developed a unique suite of collateral management programs that support the collateralization of margin exposure.

Derivatives Margin Management

Derivatives Margin Management (DM Edge®) facilitates the administrative, processing, reinvestment and valuation activities for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trades:

  • Complete administration of ISDA Credit Support Annexes (CSAs), as well as regional and bespoke/industry specific documents
  • Administration of agreements, including the monitoring of credit thresholds
  • DM Edge is a cornerstone of our broader derivatives servicing strategy – Derivatives360SM

Repo Margin Management

Repo Margin Management (RM Edge®) supports bilaterally traded repo and stock-borrow-loan translations by helping you manage complex operational and administrative activities:

  • Monitor margin parameters and calculate margin status
  • Reuse and reinvest your collateral pools


MarginDIRECT helps institutional investors manage margin positions while reducing counterparty risk:

  • Access BNY Mellon's top-ranked custody services
  • Safekeep posted margin balances in a separate account, away from counterparties

Derivatives Collateral Net

Derivatives Collateral Net® (DCN) can greatly reduce gross collateral requirements by allowing you to post only net obligations against all other participants in the system.

Market Leadership

Market Leadership

For providing solutions to both localised liquidity requirements and global liquidity needs through its platforms in Asia, BNY Mellon has been named Asia Risk's Collateral Manager of the Year 2013.

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Why Collateral is King

Why Collateral is King

Jim Malgieri and James Slater of Global Collateral Services discuss how institutions are navigating new regulations, market dynamics, demand for high-quality collateral and a heightened focus on risk.

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