Collateral Services Program

As a third-party service provider to the two principals to the trade, BNY Mellon provides a number of value added services which mitigate risk and lead to greater efficiencies for both parties.


Web-based collateral management platform

  • Allows broker-dealers and institutional investors to view the status of tri-party transactions online
  • Provides valuable support to the settlement process, allowing both parties to view trade status on-line in real time

Tri-Party Repo & Tri-Party Stock Loan

Efficient processing of tri-party repo and stock loan transactions

  • Independent third party collateral valuation
  • Collateral screening and margining
  • Collateral allocation and optimization
  • Substitution processing
  • Daily reporting

Muni Deposits

Collateralization of deposits in excess of FDIC insured amount

  • Collateral screening
  • Collateral valuation and margin application
  • Daily reporting

Market Leadership

Market Leadership

For providing solutions to both localised liquidity requirements and global liquidity needs through its platforms in Asia, BNY Mellon has been named Asia Risk's Collateral Manager of the Year 2013.

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Why Collateral is King

Why Collateral is King

Jim Malgieri and James Slater of Global Collateral Services discuss how institutions are navigating new regulations, market dynamics, demand for high-quality collateral and a heightened focus on risk.

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