Collateral Management

BNY Mellon's sophisticated range of collateral management services are a welcome resource as buy-side and sell-side institutions aim to make the most effective use of their collateral while also navigating changing regulatory requirements.

  • We support institutional investors as they look to increase investment returns while managing risk and minimizing expenditure on back-office infrastructure and technology
  • We provide broker-dealers with efficient, cost-effective financing to fund their global trading activities.

Backed by a unique perspective of the industry, the expertise and experience of global staff and a robust infrastructure, we bring efficiencies in the management of collateral to our clients.

  • Collateral Agent – Our services support collateral allocation and optimization for a wide range of securities and other instruments securely, reliably and efficiently.
  • Collateralized Deposits – We allocate and hold required collateral for municipalities and other clients against reported deposit balances.
  • Derivatives Margin Management – We facilitate the administrative, processing and valuation activities for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trades, including monitoring of credit thresholds.

Turn to BNY Mellon and find out how you can put our comprehensive services and fresh perspectives to work for you.

Market Leadership

Market Leadership

For providing solutions to both localised liquidity requirements and global liquidity needs through its platforms in Asia, BNY Mellon has been named Asia Risk's Collateral Manager of the Year 2013.

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Why Collateral is King

Why Collateral is King

Jim Malgieri and James Slater of Global Collateral Services discuss how institutions are navigating new regulations, market dynamics, demand for high-quality collateral and a heightened focus on risk.

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