Diversity and Inclusion

A Message from our CEO about Diversity and Inclusion

A Values-Based Commitment That Works for All of Us

At BNY Mellon, diversity and inclusion are a top business priority, consistent with our values of Client Focus, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence. Building a vibrant culture of inclusion is just good business. It creates a stronger, smarter and more successful company.

As a global company with offices, employees and clients around the world, we operate across cultures and serve a broadly diverse client base. Our employee population is equally diverse. To help them succeed, we've worked hard to cultivate a culture that seeks out and welcomes diversity in all its dimensions.

As you'll discover by reading further, we strive to support all of our employees — regardless of age, race, gender, color, national origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity or disability — with robust, relevant programs to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to excel.

Personally, I'm absolutely certain that the diversity of our workforce makes us more perceptive and more creative. Our wealth of experience and viewpoints helps us deliver the best, most innovative solutions to our clients. And our diversity helps ensure that each employee has every opportunity to contribute his or her best work — and to be recognized and rewarded for that performance.

By opening the doors to opportunity for all our employees, everyone benefits: our company, our shareholders, our clients and, ultimately, each and every one of us. Imagine the possibilities!

Gerald Hassell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Powered by Diversity at BNY Mellon

At BNY Mellon, we thrive because we support our people in advancing in a diverse culture that embraces innovation and collaboration. It's that simple. From the teamwork that fosters diversity to a culture that values trust and integrity, BNY Mellon stands behind its values in every line of business, in every one of our locations around the world. It's what sets us apart from other organizations and inspires us to consistently find new and better ways to deliver our services.

Our clients' success starts with the success of our people. So it only makes sense to create an environment that fosters a diverse team of highly skilled professionals. Here, you'll find a variety of experiences and viewpoints that, when fused together, work toward a common goal — one that leads to amazing performance and results.

Our Global Diversity Vision

To promote an inclusive and respectful environment that leverages diversity and differences and recognizes and advances top talent through a culture of meritocracy.

Our Global Diversity Objectives

  • Enhance leadership engagement and accountability for diversity efforts companywide
  • Foster an inclusive culture and leverage regions and employee resource groups to integrate diversity and inclusion efforts across all businesses, functions, levels and geographies
  • Strengthen our client focus through diversity-driven marketplace, brand, eminence and thought leadership initiatives
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion for revenue generation, client relationship development and company growth opportunities
  • Monitor and track progress continuously