Prime Broker Segregation Services

BNY Mellon partners with prime brokers to provide safekeeping for their clients' encumbered as well as unencumbered assets. This includes trading, servicing, and reporting functions.

Operational Support

Our middle and back office operational support provides a full range of services such as:

  • Custody administration
  • Portfolio servicing
  • Dedicated service teams
  • Access to over 100 markets

Collateral Management

We provide innovative solutions to unlock the full potential of collateral held for the prime brokers' clients.

  • Manage over $1.6 trillion in collateral transactions every single day (as of September 30, 2010)
  • Provide prime brokers with operational efficiencies
  • Provide prime brokers with control in the receipt of collateral

Customized Client Reporting

The hallmark of our prime broker segregation services' reporting capabilities is delivering accurate and timely account information. We offer extensive reporting capabilities to capture, value and settle account activity as long assets move across markets.



At BNY Mellon, we strive to anticipate, identify, and analyze industry trends, financial news and events and to inform you of our findings.

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AccessEdge, our real-time, web-based collateral management portal, connects dealers with investors to conduct collateral transactions in a safe, efficient and reliable way online.

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