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  • Exchange Traded Funds Q&A

    Two leaders in the exchange-traded fund industry — Joe Keenan, managing director and head of Global ETF Services at BNY Mellon and Steve Cook, chief operating officer for the Global ETF Services business — sit down with ETF & Indexing Report to share their views on trends in the industry and what to expect in the coming year.


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  • Money Funds at Continued Cross Roads

    Given the authority granted to the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Federal Reserve by the Dodd-Frank Act, these regulators have been provided with a broad brushstroke to implement financial reform. With the intention of creating a stronger and more stable money market, the impact will most likely be increased oversight, further reporting requirements and more stringent guidelines designed to reduce potential systemic risk by a nonbank financial company.


  • ETFs: Growing Up

    Exchange-traded funds have been lauded for their efficiency and cost effectiveness over traditional fund structures. As their global and market expansion quickens, Joe Keenan, head of Global Exchange-Traded Fund Services at BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, speaks with Global Custodian about what is behind the growth and what the world's largest global custodian can do for ETFs as they evolve.


  • Q&A - Trends and Challenges Facing the ETF Marketplace

    In a recent interview with Fund Industry Intelligence, Joe Keenan, Head of Global ETF Services at BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, shared his insights on the exchange-traded fund industry .


  • A World of Opportunity for Exchange-Traded Funds 3.0

    As head of global exchange-traded fund services at BNY Mellon, Joe Keenan has a front-row seat on developments in the exchange-traded fund industry. As such, Keenan fully expects ETFs to continue their incredible success story. Money Management Executive recently spoke with Keenan about the drivers of ETF growth.


  • ETFs 2.0

    Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the U.S. have never been more popular, and while the market has never before been so crowded, it is also ripe with potential for firms willing to innovate. This report looks at the state of the nascent ETF market and the reasons behind its boom in recent years. It explains why ETFs are entering the mainstream, how they are redefining investment management and how asset managers can still tap the vigorous growth of this industry with products that are passive, active, or somewhere in between.


  • Asset Servicing in a High-Growth Region: The Risks & Rewards

    Helped by strong oil prices and increased government spending, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are witnessing a return to robust growth. Despite some political instability, the region should continue to advance, sustained by population growth, a growing labour force and rising savings. Moreover, reform efforts have been moving ahead across the region. Against this backdrop, some of the region's asset management and asset servicing experts provide their insights into the continuing reforms, opportunities and challenges for their particular business segment.


  • Exchange Traded Funds - Catalyst for Change and Growth

    Exchange traded funds have proven to be a catalyst for rapid change in the investment landscape. Joe Keenan, Head of Global ETF Services for BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, discusses the exponential growth of this important investment tool, which trades like a stock, but contains numerous asset types. Joe cites three key reasons we expect continued growth of ETFs: new market entrants, product innovation and geographic expansion.



ETFs Have a Long, Methodical and Lucky History

Given all of the recent press regarding exchange-traded funds, one might get the impression they have been an overnight success, when in fact ETF growth has been swift, but methodical.



Exploring the Possibilities of Subaccounting

Today more than 150 million mutual fund accounts are cleared through the use of subaccounting -- up more than 600% over the past 10 years. Subaccounting has grown to be the preferred method of clearing mutual fund accounts. allowing broker-dealers to aggregate more of their clients' accounts, Opportunities abound as new ways of using this aggregated data are developed into effective tools, helping broker-dealers distribute funds to their clients, and helping fund companies manage assets efficiently.


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