Our industry-leading subaccounting platform enables broker-dealers and other financial institutions to provide mutual fund shareholder recordkeeping across management companies for both proprietary and non-proprietary funds.

Complete service solution:

As the first and largest third-party provider of subaccounting services in the U.S., servicing more than 66 million accounts, we provide a complete solution for shareholder accounting and trade clearing/settlement for:

  • Mutual fund supermarkets
  • Wrap accounts
  • Health savings accounts
  • Omnibus processing
  • Offshore fund servicing
  • Direct-at-fund
  • Books and records (NTO)

Our service advantage:

  • Enhanced transparency – we lead the industry in the acceptance of Client Datashare Activity and Position files (PR3)
  • Demonstrated commitment to your success – evidenced by our leadership role in ICI BDAC omnibus subcommittees and NICSA distribution subcommittee
  • Reduced risk and accelerated conversations – achieved through operational efficiencies created by our scalable SuRPAS system
  • Seamless integration of back-office brokerage systems – enables exchange of data in industry-standard formats and options for proprietary interfaces or real-time interfaces
  • Flexible and open technology architecture – offers easy access to information and simplified management of multiple fund family products

Invested in You

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RIC Modernization Act

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