Global Risk Solutions

As one of the world's largest providers of sophisticated investment analysis tools for asset owners, asset managers and consultants, we have a long history of providing innovative and integrated solutions to our clients.

Adding Value to Investment Decisions

The breadth and depth of our data, in combination with the clarity of our reporting, helps you compare, evaluate and understand your investment decisions. Our risk analysis, performance measurement, peer group comparisons and attribution tools and services help our clients manage their investment process and their risk exposure.


Performance Measurement

  • Returns from the total fund, to individual security level, across all asset classes, with thousands of market and custom indexes.
  • Performance on alternative strategies with flexible returns including time-weighted, non-lagged time-weighted and internal rates of return.

Performance Attribution

  • Key factors to identify the source of returns against a benchmark or peer group.

Peer Groups

  • Extensive range of performance and characteristic universes for comparisons at multiple levels including total fund, asset class and individual manager.


BNY Mellon Risk ViewSM

  • Enhanced investment transparency across all asset classes, including alternatives and derivatives.

Enterprise Risk Analysis

  • Value-at-risk calculations, scenario analysis, stress testing and asset liability analysis for identifying potential portfolio losses or the impact of recent and historical market events.

Exposure & Structural Analysis

  • Fundamental portfolio characteristics, allocation and risk exposure (country, currency, issuer and sector) for evaluating investment style and fund structure.

Risk-Adjusted Measures

  • Using historical returns, these measures help you compare and assess different asset classes as well as understand the level of risk taken by your asset managers.

Compliance Monitoring

  • Post-trade, pre-settlement reporting for monitoring investment policy goals and guidelines.

Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing

Demand for greater transparency and closer investment monitoring has driven the sophistication of risk management and compliance programs. One area that has seen a growing focus is Socially Responsible Investing.

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is now more critical than ever to institutional investors, according to this post-crisis look at the field completed in collaboration with Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Harry Markowitz.

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