Exchange Traded Funds Services

As Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) continue to expand in number, variety and size, ETF and ETP sponsors and investors alike require a complete range of services specifically designed to address their complex needs.

BNY Mellon is the industry's most experienced service provider for these rapidly evolving instruments. We offer unmatched capabilities to meet all of your operational needs efficiently, accurately and with the speed that the market demands.

Our ETF servicing solution

  • Accelerated market entry
    Thorough understanding of launch requirements is gained through the experience of introducing complex ETFs in the U.S. and Europe
  • Specialized support for ETFs
    Highly focused global service teams collaborate with each client to ensure that the specialized needs of ETFs are met with superior and personalized service.
  • Market-leading global custody services with local market expertise
    We combine our leading global custody capabilities with a local presence to support clients wherever they are invested.
  • Automated transfer agency for U.S. equity ETFs
    We are one of the few providers to automate the transfer agency function and are able to support all agency requirements for newly created ETFs.

Invested in You

Turn to BNY Mellon for unparalleled dedication, experience and support throughout the investment process.

Exchange Traded Funds

Joe Keenan

Joe Keenan, Head of Global ETF Services, talks about the exponential and global growth of exchange traded funds. Keenan identifies product innovation and new market entrants as key reasons for continued ETF expansion.

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Take a quick tour of Workbench, our web-based client product that features a comprehensive reporting engine, an online real-time inquiry tool, and a trade notification module.

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