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BNY Mellon, A Vision of Growth and a History of Performance,
Through Good Times and Bad

BNY Mellon's history of providing distinguished service spans 225 years. Founded in 1784, soon after the birth of the new American republic, our history is inextricably woven into the broader history of the nation. Two of our leaders, during different centuries, played key roles in the development of the American government and economy, helping to shape the nation and the prosperity enjoyed by its citizens and businesses.

Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers and a highly respected New York attorney, personally wrote the new bank's constitution and, during the early years, remained the individual most actively involved in the organization. Hamilton's economic vision and firm grasp of financial principles served the company well. Hamilton would go on to become the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, as appointed by George Washington, and a member of Washington's first cabinet.

Less than a century later, this focus on driving business development was amplified by Andrew Mellon, whose willingness to fund and invest in new business startups helped launch the American industrial revolution. Andrew Mellon would become one of America's foremost financiers, industrialists and philanthropists. And, like Hamilton, in time he would be appointed U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. He would serve under three U.S. Presidents.

This tradition of focusing on the needs of businesses and the management of wealth has served BNY Mellon well for 225 years. Today, as one of the world's largest asset management and securities servicing companies, it is our continued reliance on the sound business practices and considered values of our founders that informs our activities and client relationships. From the beginning, we have embraced the changes and challenges that face our clients and helped them navigate the increasing complexity of the world's financial markets. And it is our goal to do so well into the future.