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The Bank of New York Mellon

Level 24, 3 Pacific Place
1 Queen's Road East
Hong Kong

Phone:   +852 2840 9888

BNY Mellon in the Asia-Pacific

For almost 100 years, BNY Mellon has maintained a valued presence in the Asia-Pacific. We were one of the first US financial institutions to tap the region's vast potential and our business relationships have prevailed through all economic conditions. Today, we have over 6,000 employees in the region dedicated exclusively to serving Asia-Pacific clients.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

As a leader in both asset management and securities servicing, BNY Mellon offer a full range of investment strategies while delivering services that can enhance transparency, facilitate liquidity and improve risk management.

First in the Asia-Pacific

BNY Mellon has a long tradition of firsts throughout the Asia-Pacific.

The Clients We Serve

BNY Mellon is a trusted consultant, manager and service provider for a wide range of institutions in the Asia-Pacific: