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  • Counterparty Concerns and Transparency Drive Prime Custody Growth

    In a post-financial crisis environment dominated by regulation and concerns over counterparty risk, transparency and diversity, prime custody is becoming the choice for hedge funds and investors. Marina Lewin, global head of business development at BNY Mellon Alternative Investment Services, discusses these trends in a Q&A with Hedge Funds Review, October 2012.


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  • Regulation: New Operating Models Needed

    As new regulations change the way the market functions, private equity must evolve to meet fresh challenges. Daniel Amir and Brian McMahon of BNY Mellon discuss the most significant regulatory requirements impacting both Europe and the U.S. and identify what they mean for private equity practitioners. This article first appeared in The PEI Fund Administration and Technology Compendium, June 2012.


  • Filling the Void: Transparency and the Rise of Custodian Banks

    The challenges posed in today's global market issue a singular challenge: Transparency. In filling this void, custodial banks in both the U.S. and Europe face unique challenges as they look to address regulatory requirements, investor demands and diversification of risk. Alternative investment managers are looking to custody banks as financial intermediaries who can deliver a seamless offering that will safeguard their clients' assets and meet their needs in a changing market environment.


  • Prime Brokerage

    Since the onset of the financial crisis, a gradual change in investor mentality has impacted on the relationship between hedge funds and their prime brokerage and custody providers. HFMWeek spoke to three industry experts, including Brian Ruane of BNY Mellon, to gain an insight into how the future of custody will play out.


  • Prime Custody and Prime Brokerage Work Together To Provide Hedge Funds and Investors with Transparency

    Increased investor demands following the 2007-08 financial crisis prompted prime brokers, hedge fund administrators and custodians to examine their service models. BNY Mellon's Alternative Prime Custody Services group responded with a portfolio of services that does more than facilitate the movement of cash and securities between prime brokerage and custody accounts. It includes fully integrated middle-office, securities lending, in-house and third-party cash and collateral management services, as well as custody and asset servicing.


  • Private Equity Facing a New Global Environment

    The private equity industry is passing through different phases around the world. BNY Mellon maps the challenges to progress for this asset class.


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