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  • Why Alternatives Are Not Alternative

    BNY Mellon's Samir Pandiri, Chief Executive Officer of Asset Servicing, and Jim Whitaker, Managing Director, Alternative Investment Services, discuss how today's institutional investors are reconsidering their asset-allocation strategies, while striving to balance liquidity with returns and emphasizing risk management.


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  • New Frontiers of Risk: Revisiting the 360° Manager

    In collaboration with Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. Harry Markowitz, BNY Mellon's Investment Services and Investment Management groups have combined resources with HedgeMark International, LLC to provide an inside look into the institutional investment risk management field.


  • Risk Roadmap: Hedge Funds and Investors' Evolving Approach to Risk

    These continue to be challenging times for hedge fund managers. Regulatory scrutiny is up, public understanding remains low, and even institutional uncertainty about the global economy has negatively impacted the industry. The hedge fund manager must now tread ever more carefully between the concentric boundaries of risk aversion and risk acceptance to achieve goals consistent with a particular fund's stated purpose, pedigree, and assets.


  • Luxembourg Aligns Specialised Investment Funds Law with AIFMD

    The Luxembourg Parliament adopted a new bill amending the Law on Specialised Investment Funds. The Law introduces several important changes to the regime governing SIFs and will effectively create an Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive compliant Alternative Investment Fund vehicle ahead of AIFMD coming into effect. The amended Law introduces rules on delegation, risk management and the handling of actual or potential conflicts of interest.


  • The Long View

    Marina Lewin, Head of Global Business Development for Alternative Investment Services, discusses the growing demands for information in the due diligence process, and how it is changing the way investors, managers and service providers work in the alternative investment arena.


  • Tomorrow's Risk Management: How Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Studies and Complexity Science Add Up to More Than Their Own Sum

    This paper examines advancement in Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Studies of the human brain, and the science of Complex Adaptive Systems as they apply to financial services and risk management.


Liquidity Administration

Our new liquidity administration service provides clients across BNY Mellon's alternative fund administration and traditional custody segments with enhanced liquidity monitoring, reporting and analysis, and advanced portfolio modeling capabilities.

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Fund of Hedge Fund Services

Top-down transparency. We deliver comprehensive reporting for fund of hedge funds. Access account information via a web-based dashboard and generate reports on four critical levels: fund of hedge fund, investment strategy, manager and investor.

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