2012 CSR Report

Welcome To BNY Mellon's Sixth Annual Report on
Our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our business strategy and, in carrying out that responsibility, we help create stability and growth around the globe.

Our CSR Report reflects a shift toward focusing on the issues most material to our business, and our wider impact on society. Based on wide-ranging stakeholder feedback, this refined focus positions us to improve trust, our CSR impact, and our industry leadership in this critical arena.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report:

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Interview with Chairman and CEO Gerald Hassell

As a result of his long-standing career with BNY Mellon, Gerald is an active champion of the company's approach and commitment to social responsibility, providing leadership from the top. Here he gives a frank assessment of the need to restore public trust in the financial services industry, and describes BNY Mellon's contribution to wider society.   Read more.

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Interview with Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, John Buckley

Our CSR Director describes the thinking behind BNY Mellon's new CSR strategy and his plans to launch a banking industry consortium focused on ethics, transparency and reliability.   Read more.

Providing Industry Leadership: Our CSR Strategy

At BNY Mellon, we want to build on our long and proud record of good citizenship by providing 21st century industry leadership on corporate social responsibility. Toward this goal, in 2012 we refined our CSR focus and direction to ensure our efforts have maximum, leading-edge impact.

Following wide-ranging discussions with company leaders, key employees, socially responsible investing firms, and other external stakeholders, our Board of Directors approved the following priority areas:

  • Excellent talent
  • Ethics and transparency
  • Operational reliability and effectiveness
  • Responsible investments
  • Strong governance
  • Community commitment

We are confident this focus will enhance our efforts to be Invested in Our People, Invested in Market Integrity and Invested in Our World. Read more about our CSR strategy, priorities and long-term goals.