2011 CSR Report

On the Path To Business Sustainability Leadership

BNY Mellon's latest Corporate Social Responsibility report marks more than a fifth anniversary; it is a milestone that reflects how far we've come in integrating good corporate citizenship into everything we do. Our CSR commitments to stakeholders ensure that we continue to fulfill our mission of leadership in business sustainability.

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Q&A with Chairman and CEO Gerald Hassell

Over the course of his career and more than three decades of service to the company, Gerald has led nearly every major division of BNY Mellon. We invited Gerald to draw on his considerable experience to offer an insightful, first-person perspective of the company's approach and commitment to CSR.   Read more.

Charting Our Course for the Future: Our CSR Focus

At BNY Mellon, Corporate social responsibility reflects our global business priorities. We're proud of our demonstrated leadership and success in the areas of employee engagement, community investment and environmental sustainability.

Understanding that the company plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the global financial system and in the communities in which we operate, we've taken a careful look at how CSR aligns with our overall business plan and our role in society.

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Following a recent strategic review project, we've identified basic expectations and core CSR practices that are most material to our key stakeholders, represent our company's impact on society, and also influence our long-term business success. Those core practices emphasize ethics and transparency, operational reliability, stakeholder engagement and talent management.   Read more about our CSR focus, direction and priorities.